Tuesday, 28 May 2013

ConFuSEd EmoTiONs

There are many emotions 
going through me 
i cant recognize them
but can only feel

there is no pain
there is no joy

there is neither sorrow 
nor is there a pride

i don't know if it is fear
or an overwhelming sense of courage

i can't figure it out
it just does not make sense

all i can say is
the emotions.....
they are going through me
like an intriguing blizzard

and i am going through them
like a marauder in the desert 

Friday, 17 May 2013


when my friends humiliate me

when the dear ones obliviate me

my heart murmurs silently
"just keep going
just keep going"

when no one even believes me

when crying does not relieve me

my heart murmurs silently
"just keep going
just keep going"

when lady luck does not smile

when opportunities do not shine

my heart murmurs silently
"just keep going
just keep going"

when the future looks bleak and dull

when the wind carries a gloomy lull

my heart murmurs silently
"just keep going
just keep going"

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The morning war

Every morning....
As the sun welcomes
the bright blue sky
as the squeaky birds
give out a high pitched cry
a huge war takes place
between the world and me

the world tries to wake me up
but i manage to bog it down

the alarm rings incessantly
i silence it with the snooze button
it comes back with a vengeance
but it does not know my determination

i dig myself into the bed
and pull the blankets over my head

the stupid cock shouts insolently
the mosquitoes attack vigorously
the noisy neighbours irritate me
but all their efforts go in vain

the enemy's commander enters battle
if you are wondering who that is
it's my muscular father, army type
i love him but have to fight

he pulls the cool covers away
he bends and twists and shakes me up
 he slaps and pinches and shouts in my ear
and gives me a bath right in my bed

he does not succeed
so he changes tactics

he switches off the grumpy fan
the searing heat tries to nudge me out

but i am a great warrior
seasoned as i am vile

i pick up the stick that lies by my side
i reach out for the switch
and give it a punch with the stick
the old rusty fan comes back to life
my father gives up
i win the war
and then i go back to blissful sleep

Friday, 12 April 2013

the conversation between me and my heart


"why can't I be that handsome boy?

who looks lively,cool and very smart

why can't I be that intelligent boy?

who is clever, bright and always right

why can't I be that wealthy boy?

who owns stuff I can't even dream about


"can the handsome boy

overcome his pretty ego?

can the intelligent boy

enjoy his mistakes?

can the wealthy boy

ever know what is hardwork?

and by the way my stupid friend

can anyone of them be you?

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


                                 Guilt kills

my mind is battered and fully shattered

the shiver in my legs does no aid

i did'nt do it right when it mattered

 the guilt will take long to fade

i do not know now what to do

my heart disowns me like a bitter foe

i stare at the sky,bright and blue

i wish i could go back an hour ago

Saturday, 6 April 2013


My friend and i fought again

i keep thinking about the stupid clown

i want to talk and ease the pain

but my foolish ego pins me down

without him my eyes get dim

my sense of humour takes a drown

my mind says "oh boy talk to him"

but my face puts up a useless frown

later he comes upto me

"whats new?"

"nothing new.

just wanted to talk to you."

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


     a poem signifying  the melodious role of whatsapp in our boring life

its something called whatsapp

i tell you its a virtual trap

we chat with friends

we discuss trends

we selfishly flaunt

and horribly taunt

we seriously offend

but then quickly amend

we fondle each other

and bond together

but the irony is that

the cause is lost

due to the internet cost